Hi! I’m Ellis. I am from the Netherlands, but currently traveling the world with my husband. We are on our never-ending honeymoon.


I fel in love with photography when I went to Kenia at the age of 19. I borrowed a spare camera of my dad and start taking pictures of wildlife, nature and people,  I loved it! And I still do.
After Kenia I would work until I had enough money to travel, so I could explore more of the world, explore landscape, culture, and people.
I have always been interested in the stories and cultures of others. It has enriched my thinking and my living. I love to tell and share their stories through photography.

In may 2018 I got married and the next month we left the Netherlands for our honeymoon. It became our never-ending honeymoon. My husband is a great writer who soon will publish his first book. Him being a writer, and me being a photographer, it felt like the perfect match to tell stories. So now we are traveling around the world, finding stories to tell and help charities by offering our skills. Want to follow us on our travel around the world? We’re sharing stories on www.ellisand.me