Reflection of mountains and clouds

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The first country we visited on our never-ending honeymoon was Norway, a strange choice.

Strange because Norway is known as one of the world’s most expensive countries and when we went on our trip we certainly didn’t have ‘Norway money’ on our bank accounts.

Actually, the only people who do visit Norway seem to be older couples traveling by camper. I always thought that was because no one else had the money for it. Turns out that driving yourself is the only we you can travel Norway, every other option won’t do this beautiful country justice.

Then there was the expensive part…well, it turns out you can have a lot of control over how much money you spend in Norway. It’s all about how you do it. Because looking back at the 35 countries we’ve traveled it turns out we spent the absolute least amount of all in Norway.

How we did it?

It was all possibile because of a Scandinavian law, still practice in Norway, but also in Sweden and Finland, called Every Man’s Right.

See, Norwegians know damn well they live in a breathtakingly beautiful country and therefore have decided long ago that not sharing it equally would be a shame. So, while owning private property is possible, you can’t stop others from enjoying your land.

Hiking, cycling, swimming, boating, and even pitching a tent for one night — it’s all possible.

That meant we could travel around Norway by car and every day, when the sun started to go down, we’d simply look for a decent place to pitch our tent and settle in for the night.

In that way we traveled Norway without spending a dime on accommodation. Crazy, right?

Every day we found ourself at gorgeous mountain lakes, like the one in the picture, from where we could look out over the enormous glaciers.

What a country!

This picture is available as print, but I urge you not to simply use it as something pretty for on your wall. Use it to remind yourself you can just go to Norway, enjoy it’s awesome nature and just pitch a tent anywhere.

You can purchase this photoprint:

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