George Town street art with kids on a bike

Street Art

by | Sep 30, 2020 | 0 comments

It’s nearly impossible to not feel happy feelings when watching this famous street art mural made by Ernest Zacharevic. When you walk through the lively streets of Penang on George Town Island, Malaysia, you won’t miss the many walls that come to live by his murals.

In his artworks, Ernest sometimes uses real objects like a motorbike, chair, or, in this case, a bicycle. Often, he will supplement these objects with the wonderful adventures of children, to give the entire scene timeless energy.

In this particular mural, I absolutely love the facial expressions made by the two children, especially the younger one on the back of the bike. It’s so cute and when I look at it I understand why so many people want this picture on their wall.

Contrasting Ernest’s art with the dilapidated wall, the entire scene has an interesting color scheme that looks great in many rooms.

You can purchase this photoprint:

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