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A Slow Stroll

by | Jun 17, 2020 | 0 comments

It will not be a surprise to you that I love to travel. Yet, for someone with such a passion for discovering the world, I sometimes have very little reason for wanting to visit a country.

For instance, I really want to go to Peru. Why? I don’t know. There’s not (yet) much I know about Peru. I just want to go. It’s the same with New Zealand, Kazachstan, Namibia (and Portugal, but don’t get me started on it – I drive my husband crazy talking about that place.)

Morocco was the same. I had always wanted to go, though I knew next to nothing about it. Then we met friends who were traveling to Morocco and of course, I said I wanted to meet up with them!

On New Years Day we flew from Athens to Marrakech and within days we were off to Essaouira – an authentic and incredibly charming fisher’s village full of life, colors, food, and incredible surfing.

One morning I woke up early to discover the city before it had awoken. Strolling around I found a beautiful wall that seemed to have snuck from a fairy tale, where it had protected the big castle. The rising sun shone so splendidly on that wall I took up a spot across the street, knowing any moment someone would come by and I would have the picture I wanted.

Little did I know it was a slow morning and few passersby came to finish the scene. Some motorcycles, bicycles, but not much else. Maybe not today…

That was when I saw this man in his traditional djellaba come and I knew this would be it. As if he had known I was there on the other side of the street he hugged the wall and walked past it so close that his shadow fell wonderfully across it – a magnificent shot!

I’m looking forward to visiting Morocco again and be overwhelmed all anew by their hospitality, colors, spices, and scenery.

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