Black and white photo of a man and wife or are working and fishing in the lake of Pokhara. It is very foggy, so everything disappears, except for the boat and the fishers. Travel Photography Ellis

Fishermen in Nepal

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Nepal is one of my all-time favorite countries. If I would have to tell you why you should go there I wouldn’t know where to begin, though let me at least try: it has lovely people, astounding landscapes, the most astonishing mountain views, and treks, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, absolutely delicious fresh food and so much more.

When we were there my in-a-few-years-to-be-husband and I went hitchhiking from Kathmandu to Pokhara (even though Nepalese don’t know what sticking your thumb up means, they’re still nice enough to take you) and wanted to directly head from there to do a mountain trek. However, a stomach bug thought differently.

Now, with some time on our hands, we took the opportunity to explore Pokhara a lovely town on the lakeside. Early one morning we walked around to look for some breakfast when I saw a husband and wife working together on the lake to catch fish.

I got my camera at the ready and waited for something interesting to happen when all of a sudden the husband threw the rope to his wife – maybe they had finished fishing and were tying the boats together before heading back to the harbor and selling today’s catch.

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